Date 2020-10-13 
Time 16:00 - 17:30 
Title 원격제어형 나노공학 신소재 개발 및 바이오메디컬 응용 

■ Title: 원격제어형 나노공학 신소재 개발 및 바이오메디컬 응용


 Speaker: 강희민 교수 (고려대학교 신소재공학부)


■ Date and time: 10/13 (Tue) 16:00 - 17:30


Host: 신병하 교수


■ Venue: Remote lecture


      ID: 808 075 7553

      PW: 2020mse


 Abstract :  

Cells dynamically interact with native nanostructured extracellular matrix at the molecular level. Developing remotely and actively controllable nanoengineered biomaterials can help to manipulate and understand nanoscale and dynamic cell-material interactions. In this talk, I will first present dynamic molecule release from biomimetic nanominerals for stem cell engineering. I will then demonstrate the design of nanoengineered biomaterials that can be remotely controlled by various stimuli, such as magnetic field, light, self-assembly, and ultrasound.


I will show in situ sliding, alignment, uncaging, oscillation, and uncaging of ligand-presenting materials in various nanostructures to magnetically regulate stem cell adhesion, mechanosensing, and differentiation as well as macrophage adhesion and polarization. I will also show real-time sensing and imaging of nanomaterials and cells. Next, I will demonstrate the use of upconversion nanoparticles for near-infrared light-controlled intracellular molecular delivery and photoisomerization. I will finally present the use of reversible nanomaterial self-assembly to regulate cyclic adhesion and release of macrophages and their polarization. We plan to further develop novel surface-nanoengineered materials that are remotely controllable on demand for non-toxic and patient-tailorable biomedical applications.