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= 아 래 =

1. 일 시 : 2013. 10. 1 (화), 16:00 ~
2. 장 소 : 응용공학동 1층 영상강의실
3. 연 사 : 이재승 교수 (Dept. of MSE, Korea University)
4. 제 목 : Synthesis and Assembly Properties of Plasmonic Nanoparticles
5. 발표내용요약(Abstract)

  Plasmonic nanoparticles exhibit a variety of unique chemical and physical properties, such as distant-dependent intense optical properties and easy fabrication of the surface nature using functional moieties. These plasmonic nanoparticles, when conjugated with DNA (DNA-NPs), can be programmed to assemble reversibly, which has allowed one to build up a number of versatile assay schemes for the colorimetric detection of various targets. The interparticle interactions of the DNA-NPs are fundamentally based on (1) the chemical recognition properties of DNA, and (2) the size or shape of the plasmonic nanoparticles, which has demonstrated a number of fundamental developments for the assembly formation of the nanoparticles. Importantly, the conceptual analogy between the reversible nanoparticle assemblies and the conventional atomic or molecular ones provides a view to consider the plasmonic nanoparticles as “nanoparticle molecules.” Based on these properties, the synthesis and characteristic DNA-mediated assembly of plasmonic nanoparticles with various sizes and shapes will be discussed in this presentation.