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■ 제 목CALPHAD 열역학 데이터 베이스와 이의 고온 화학야금 공정에서의 적용

■ 연 사:  정인호 교수 (서울대학교 재료공학부)


■ 일 시:  3월 20일(화) 16:00


■ 장 소:  응용공학동 (W1) 1층 영상강의실


 Host :  이혁모 교수


 Abstract :  

Computational thermodynamics deal the interactions between atoms to understand the chemical, physical and electro-magnetic properties of materials. Among various computational thermodynamics methods, CALculation of PHAse Diagram (CALPHAD) methodology is the oldest but most applicable approach to the design of materials and optimization of compex process at high temperatures.  

In this presentation, CALPHAD methodology and thermodynamic database will be introduced first in particular for the solid and liquid oxide systems. Then, the applications of the database for the steelmaking and process optimization will be presented. In the end, our new virtual steelmaking plant project will be introduced to demonstrate the applicability of the CALPHAD approach in industrial scale.