Date 2019-03-19 

■ Title :  New Application to the Pulsed X-ray Generator by Using Coniferous Carbon Nano Structure (CCNS) Material


Speaker :  Dr. YangKoo Cho (Korea Research Institute of Standard and Science)


■ Date and time :  3/19(Tue) 16:00


■ Venue :  Applied Engineering Building (W1) 1st Floor, Multimedia Seminar Room


 Host :  Prof. Hyuck Mo Lee


 Abstract :  

  Recently, there has been a growing interest in low-dose X-ray generators using new cold field emitters. The development of CT equipment with low exposure dose is required due to health reasons in medical equipment, and it is also possible to reduce the dose by pulsing rather than continuous X-ray generation. Up to now, dental X-ray generators have been developed mainly using carbon nanotubes (CNTs), but they have been difficult to apply to a place where high voltage and high current can be generated. Recently, the success of X-ray generation using CCNS (Coniferous Carbon Nano Structure), which is a new carbon nano structure, has resulted in the generation of high-voltage and high-current generation tubes, and the portable high power and high current X-ray. As a result, new application fields are rapidly increasing.

  In this lecture, we will talk about the efforts for researching and practical application of the properties of CCNS and the cooperation relationship with each company.