9/28 (Tue) 심우영 교수 (연세대학교 신소재공학과)
9/15 (Wed) 유정완 박사 (KRICT) file
9/14 (Tue) 황찬국 수석연구원 (포항가속기연구소)
Sep.30(Thu)-Oct.01(Fri) KAIST-NTU Joint Workshop Program file
9/7 (Tue) 양재춘 소장 (두산퓨얼셀파워 연구소)
8/31 (Tue) Prof. Hong, Seungbum (Dept. of MSE, KAIST)
8/24 (Tue) Dr. Jae Sung YUN (Univ. Surrey-Surrey) file
7/19 (Mon) Prof. Kim, Jeehwan (MIT) file
248 Special 7/15 (Thu) Prof. Minjoo Larry Lee (UIUC) file
247 Special 6/24 (Thu) 조남준 교수 (Nanyang Technological Univ./ Stanford Univ.) file
246 Special 5월 첫수융합포럼(The First Wednesday Multidisciplinary Forum) 신소재공학과 & 생명화학공학과 file
245 Special [ZOOM] 3/5 (Fri) 조병진 교수 (충북대학교 신소재공학과)
244 Special 11/30 (Mon) 송영민 교수 (광주과학기술원 전기전자컴퓨터공학부) file
243 Special 11/24 (Tue) 김지환 교수 (MIT) file
242 Special [ZOOM] 11/10 (Tue) 조힘찬 박사 (University of Chicago)
241 Special [ZOOM] 10/28 (Wed) The First Wednesday Multidisciplinary Forum, October 2020 file
240 Special [ZOOM] 11/2 (Mon) Dr. Myoung Hwan Oh (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
239 Special [ZOOM] 8/4 (Tue) Dr. Byeong-Joo Lee (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
238 Special 1/22(Wen) Prof. Jung-Sik Kim (Loughborough University, Senior Lecturer)
237 Special 1/21 (Tue) Dr. Stefan Ringe (KAIST Postdoc)
236 Special 1/21 (Tue) Prof. Oi Lun (School of MSE, Pusan National Univ.)
235 Special 12/20 (Fri) Dr. Min-Jae Choi (University of Toronto, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering)
234 Special 12/23 (Mon) Dr. Gee Yeong Kim (Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research)
233 Special 12/11 (Wen) Prof. Bin Ding (Donghua University)