■ 제 목:  Design and Synthesis of Hybrid Materials for Power- and Solar-to-Chemical Energy Conversion 


 연 사:  류정기 교수 (UNIST)  


■  일 시:  9월 17일(화) 16:00


■ 장 소:  응용공학동 (W1) 1층 영상강의실


 Host :  박찬범 교수 


 Abstract :   

Electrochemistry can provide an efficient and sustainable route for production of various chemicals and enable effective use and storage of localized and intermittent renewable energy sources. In principle, various chemicals, such as hydrogen and hydrocarbons, can be produced in an environmentally friendly and carbon-neutral manner using electricity from renewable energy resources or directly using sunlight. However, there remain many challenges that should be addressed for the practical application of power- and solar-to-chemical energy conversion technologies, such as low high-cost, low energy efficiency, and poor stability of the conversion systems. In this talk, I will briefly overview recent efforts to address these issues and present our progress over the past few years with a specific focus on the design and synthesis of organic/inorganic hybrid materials for realization of power- and solar-to-chemical energy conversion.