김상욱, 스티브 박 교수, 압력과 인장을 구분하는 무선통신 전자 소자 개발
조은애 교수, 귀금속 사용량을 50% 감소시킨 친환경 수소 생산 전극 개발​
홍승범 교수, 고접착 패브릭 기반 웨어러블 에너지 하베스팅 기술 개발​
김상욱 교수, 스스로 납작해지는 똑똑한 2차원 그래핀 섬유 개발
홍승범 교수, 청량음료가 치아건강에 해롭다는 사실을 과학적으로 입증
정연식, 전덕영 교수, 100배 이상 해상도 높인 차세대 퀀텀닷 프린팅 기술 개발
박병국, 육종민 교수, 왼손 방향 스핀파 세계최초 보고
147 “Nature Materials” News & Views wrote by Prof. Sang Ouk Kim file
146 Hyper-stretchable elastic piezoelectric energy harvester file
145 The Way towards Commercialization of Highly Efficient Nanogenerator file
144 Academic Achievements & Related Awards file
143 Best Paper Award at 2014 Pan Pacific Microelectronic Symposium file
142 The First Demonstration of Self-powered Cardiac Pacemaker file
141 One of 2013 KAIST Top 10 Representative R&D Outcomes. file
140 Equipment Development: “Hu:u” -New Concept Indoor Environmental Gauge file
139 Making Graphene Using Laser-induced Phase Separation file
138 Intel Best Paper Award at Electronic Components and Technology Conference file
137 Mobile Sensor Array Platform & its Circuit Development. file
136 Excellent Paper Award at the 2014 Conference on Next Generation Lithography file
135 Seon-Jin Choi, Jinsup Lee Prize Winner at the “9th 1nside” Edge International Thesis Competition from Samsung Electro-mechanics. file
134 Grand Prize at the Dow Chemical Korea Award 2014 file
133 3D Free Standing Structure Made of Graphene. file
132 The Convergence New Technology Fair Silver Award file
131 Prize Winner at 20th SAMSUNG Human Tech Paper award (2013) file
130 Review article from Prof. Sang Ouk, Kim group was published in 25th anniversary of Advanced Materials. file
129 Excellent paper Award at the Optical Society of Korea. file
128 New Nanocomposite Catalyst applied for Li-O2 Batteries with improved High-capacity and Long-cycle file