Biomimetic Resonant Acoustic Sensor Detecting Far-Distant Voices Accurately to Hit the Market​ (Prof. Lee, Keon Jae)
홍승범 교수 연구팀, 고체 전해질 내부 나노 단위 영상화 성공​
홍승범 교수 연구팀, 신소재 영상화 및 머신러닝을 활용한 미래 개척
조은애 교수 연구팀, 고용량 차세대 배터리 수명 향상 소재 개발
강정구 교수 연구팀, 물에서 작동하는 급속충전 가능한 전지 개발
이건재 교수, 인간 귀 모사한 음성 센서 세계 최초 상용화 길 터​
육종민 교수, 그래핀 이용해 아쿠아리움처럼 액체 내 물질을 관찰하는 현미경 기술 개발​
125 Highly Uniform and Low Hysteresis Pressure Sensor to Increase Practical Applicability file
124 7 nanometer Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology with Camera Flash file
123 권혁상 The Convergence New Technology Fair Silver Award file
122 KAIST Develops Sodium Ion Batteries using Copper Sulfide
121 Professor Kim Sang Ouk of KAIST participated in editorship of GRAPHIN NEW MATERIALS file
120 전석우 Grand Prize at the Dow Chemical Korea Award 2014 file
119 전석우, 김일두 One of 2013 KAIST Top 10 Representative R&D Outcomes. file
118 백경욱 Intel Best Paper Award at Electronic Components and Technology Conference file
117 정연식 Excellent Paper Award at the 2014 Conference on Next Generation Lithography file
116 정연식 Excellent paper Award at the Optical Society of Korea. file
115 박종욱 Mobile Sensor Array Platform & its Circuit Development. file
114 김상욱 3D Free Standing Structure Made of Graphene. file
113 전석우, 김일두 New Nanocomposite Catalyst applied for Li-O2 Batteries with improved High-capacity and Long-cycle file
112 김일두, 전석우 Seon-Jin Choi, Jinsup Lee Prize Winner at the “9th 1nside” Edge International Thesis Competition from Samsung Electro-mechanics. file
111 김상욱, 이건재 Prize Winner at 20th SAMSUNG Human Tech Paper award (2013) file
110 김상욱 Review article from Prof. Sang Ouk, Kim group was published in 25th anniversary of Advanced Materials. file
109 박중근 Doctoral candidate Wan Heui Lee won the "Outstanding Poster Award" at The 2013 Spring Conference of the Kroean Institute of Metals and Materials", held in Jeju, Korea file
108 A New Spin Current Generating Material Developed file
107 KAIST Team Develops Flexible Blue Vertical Micro LEDs
106 Researchers develop flexible vertical micro LED file