박병국 교수 연구팀, 스핀 소자 기반 물리적 복제방지 보안 기술 개발 file
강지형 교수 연구팀, 고성능 스트레처블 고분자 반도체를 위한 신개념 계면공학법 개발 file
강지형 교수 연구팀, 세계 최고 수준 신축성과 전도성 가진 액체금속 입자로 신축성 인쇄 전자회로 기판 구현 file
이건재 교수 연구팀, 면 발광 마이크로 LED 패치 개발로 피부 미백에 획기적 효과 file
홍승범 교수 연구팀, 리튬이차전지 실리콘 기반 음극의 수명과 관련된 전자전도도 퇴화를 나노스케일에서 영상화 성공​ file
박찬범 교수 연구팀, 태양빛과 전기를 이용한 미세플라스틱 업사이클링 구축​ file
스티브박 교수 연구팀, 헬스케어용 액체금속 전자문신 기술 개발 file
홍승범 교수 연구팀, 인공지능 활용 고용량 배터리 소재 역설계 기술 개발 file
장재범 교수 연구팀, 항체를 활용한 신개념 생체 형틀법 최초 개발​ file
187 Doctoral candidate Wan Heui Lee won the "Outstanding Poster Award" at The 2013 Spring Conference of the Kroean Institute of Metals and Materials", held in Jeju, Korea file
186 Crystal size of organic semiconductors can be controlled using inorganic polymer micropillar-based solution shearing system file
185 Real-Time Analysis of MOF Adsorption Behavior file
184 김상욱 “Nature Materials” News & Views wrote by Prof. Sang Ouk Kim file
183 Highly Uniform and Low Hysteresis Pressure Sensor to Increase Practical Applicability file
182 고신축성 압전 하베스터 개발 file
181 김상욱 Academic Achievements & Related Awards file
180 Doctoral candidate Heong Min Jin won the Outstanding Poster Award at Conference of the Next Generation Lithography 2013 file
179 Master candidate Jae Yoon Park won the Best Poster Award at the 2012 annual meeting of the Korean Institute of Surface Engineering. file
178 Exhaled breath sensor for the diagnosis of diabetes, highlighted in Nanowerk spotlight file
177 Doctoral candidate Min-Jae Choi won the Excellent Poster Award in the Spring Meeting of the Korean Chemical Society file
176 Postdoctoral research fellow Woon Ik Park won the Silver Prize at the 2012 Dow Electronic Materials Award. file
175 Master candidate Hyein Chang wins Outstanding Poster Award at International Display Workshops 2012. file
174 Splendid accomplishment from Doctoral candidate Jun Young Park. file
173 Lifespan of Fuel Cells Maximized using Small Amount of Metals file
172 이건재 The Way towards Commercialization of Highly Efficient Nanogenerator file
171 이건재 The First Demonstration of Self-powered Cardiac Pacemaker file
170 Biomimetic Resonant Acoustic Sensor Detecting Far-Distant Voices Accurately to Hit the Market​ (Prof. Lee, Keon Jae)
169 박종욱 Equipment Development: “Hu:u” -New Concept Indoor Environmental Gauge file
168 7 nanometer Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology with Camera Flash file