MIT & KAIST MSE Faculty Members Joint Workshop



- Main Contents : A joint faculty meeting between three MIT professors (Prof. Christopher Schuh, Prof. Jeffrey Grossman, and Prof. Timothy Swager) and KAIST MSE faculty members was held. The current status of the MSE department and ERC center, and the research vision of the young professors were shared in detail, which was followed by practical discussions for strengthening cooperation between KAIST and MIT.

- Date : August 08, 2018

- Place : KAIST Main Building, 1st Conference Room

- Moderator: Prof. Yeon Sik Jung

- Attendances : Dept. Head Prof. Hyuck Mo Lee, Director of ERC Center Prof. Byeong-soo Bae, Prof. Kibum Kang, Prof. Kyung Min Kim, Prof. Jonghwa Shin, Prof. Seung Min Han, Prof. Jihun Oh, Prof. Jae-Byum Chang


[Department] Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering